The Second Technical Workshop organized by the National Centre for Technology Access (CENTAC), will address accessibility for people with disabilities to DTT and Tablets, through the participation of experts in Information Technology and Communication, both national and European level.

II Jornada Centac

Workshop, which will take place June 9 at the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, will be inaugurated by the Director General for Policy Coordination Disability Sector, Jaime Alejandre, and will focus on two technologies that offer greater opportunities for inclusion of the disability group.

Thus, participants will have opportunity to share knowledge and experiences for the development of a potential growth industry. The aim is to promote effective access to the digital TV and Tablets, through insights and examples that can serve as reference for the sector, on the axles of access to both the terminal, as the content and services.

The Conference program has first, with the presentation “Accessibility of Digital Television in a world of convergence: challenges, opportunities and threats” to the good implementation of digital TV in Europe, to be given by Guido Gybels, Independent Expert on Information Technology and Communication.

In addition, the consultant on accessibility, usability and new technologies Fundosa Technosite, Jonathan Chacón, will provide attendees with knowledge and experience on the possibilities offered accessibility Tablets poenencia under the “Mobile Devices and accessibility, technology integration and social reach. ”

There will also be the round table “TDT, a challenge for accessibility, with the participation of the Deputy Director of Broadcasting, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Fernando Castillo, the assistant director of Teletext and Subtitling of RTVE, José Díaz; Director of Interactive Audio Visual Computer Solutions of El Corte Inglés (IECI), David Huerta, the head coach of the Spanish Center for Subtitles and Audio Description (CESyA), Belen Ruiz, the director of ONCE-CIDAT, Maria Jesus Varela, and the Coordinator Accessibility Project Inteco, Raúl Mosquera.

The event will be broadcast live via streaming.

See here for more information about the event.

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