The Tourist Community of Andalusia (Comunidad Turística de Andalucía) has taken the initiative to publish a database of accessible hotels, those which are adapted to disable people. All tourists interested in the Spanish region will plan their trip easier from now on: the new initiative contributes to eliminate all barriers, including the informative ones.

On September 13, the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport of Andalusia, Luciano Alonso, said that this tool will reveal the degree of compliance and implementation of the accessibility measures in Andalusia hotels.

In short, the measure consists in distribution of self-assessment questionnaires aimed to hotels. The answers to these questionnaires will form a database of accessible hotels.  The project is calling for social responsibility in the service sector.

Tourist Community of Andalusia develops this analysis in collaboration with the Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical Disabilities (in Spanish, Feijidif: ‘Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de personas con discapacidad física’) of Jaen. Fejidif is an NGO founded in 1987 to unite the efforts of the movement of people with physical disabilities in the province. Currently brings together 21 associations.

Data from Eurostat estimated at eight million tourists who have some kind of disability in Europe, which represents an important number for the tourist in Andalusia region.

Source: Comunidad Turística de Andalucí

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