Jointly organized by UNWTO, the ONCE Foundation, and IFEMA, the event “Accessibility: A Competitive Advantage for Tourism Destinations”, to be held at the 2013 edition of the FITUR Madrid tourism fair, will highlight good practices in tourism accessibility from across Europe and Latin America, with a special focus on accessible destinations in Uruguay.

Tourism stakeholders, leading experts, and organisations representing persons with disabilities and special needs will share their insight and experiences on the subject of accessible tourism, while examining opportunities and challenges in this regard. The event will simultaneously elaborate on UNWTO’s on-going collaboration with both the ONCE Foundation, the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), and the ACS Foundation, in the interests of making tourism destinations ever more accessible worldwide.

The working language of the event will be Spanish. No simultaneously translation in other languages will be provided; however, there will be sign language interpretation with Spanish subtitles.


Source: Ethics and Social Dimensions of Tourism

Este artículo está también disponible en Spanish

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