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Jointly organized by UNWTO, the ONCE Foundation, and IFEMA, the event “Accessibility: A Competitive Advantage for Tourism Destinations”, to be held at the 2013 edition of the FITUR Madrid tourism fair, will highlight good practices in tourism accessibility from across Europe and Latin America, with a special focus on accessible destinations in Uruguay. Tourism stakeholders, [...]

The Smithsonian Institute has started a new initiative to make its enormous collection more accessible. It includes a series of 3D printed models of its archive items and a digital archive of scanned objects. These could be exhibited at museums, schools and other places to enable more people to have access to them.     [...]

The National Museum of Roman Art in Merida, an institution under the Spanish Ministry of Culture, has new resources that improve the accessibility of persons with auditory impairment since December 2011. In this museum the visitor will find a wide range of communication devices specifically designed for persons with auditory impairment: sign language guides with [...]

A mass of persons crowd together around the Mona Lisa all day long. This is one of the most characteristic while at the same time infuriating scenes at the Louvre Museum. This appears in an article written by Michele Cantazaro for Diario Cordoba. This problem could be solved through technological means. The idea focuses on [...]

“There are a lot of persons with some impairment that do not travel. They do not lack time or wishes to travel, they fear being unable to find barrier-free destinations”, said the Balearic MEP Rosa Estaràs while explaining the current situation of accessible tourism. Estaràs exposed this shared vision as organizer of the forum “Tourism [...]

MuseumApp is a new product for museums capable of creating interactive indoor and outdoor tours and compatible with smartphones. MuseumApp consists of three parts: - Tours: photos, videos, sounds, texts, tasks and opinions are linked with several locations in the city and the different exhibition rooms of the museum. - Tourmaker, an online edition enviroment intended to create and [...]

The Persistence of Memories

Kirstin Broussard, a guide at the Museum of Modern Art, gathered a dozen senior citizens in front of Joan Mitchell’s exuberant 1957 painting Ladybug one recent afternoon to discuss the luscious blue, green, and orange slashes animating the large expanse of white canvas. “It’s chaotic,” observed one visitor. “But it’s beautiful chaos.” When Broussard wondered [...]

The head of the Civil Service Division for Google Spain, Esperanza Ibáñez, has taken firm steps to ensure that “the Net is within everyone’s reach”, whilst also insisting that Google “will continue to develop tools to cover all the needs of persons with disabilities”. Ibáñez announced this during her speech at the Second National CENTAC [...]

Despite the fact that screens of the well-known tablets are flat and have nothing that can create sensations in the fingers, they will no longer represent a handicap for those with a visual disability. Engineers from the United States have managed to take a step forward towards electronic accessibility. What is a Braille word processor [...]

The application period for the third ‘Programa Profesionales Digitales’ (Professional Digital Program) is already open. The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, through the web Red.es  and the organism `Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas´ (CRUE is the Spanish acronym of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities ) has announced a [...]

To mark the International Day of the Deaf, held last September 24, the Spanish Confederation of Families of the Deaf (Fiapas) wanted to show that: In the XXI century, in Spain still claiming the right of deaf people who communicate in spoken language, and are users of hearing aids and cochlear implants to live independently [...]

Thanks to an agreement between the FAD and BCD, two pioneer institutions in promoting design in Catalonia, the Barcelona Design Festival has been born. This is a large event which aims to make Barcelona the international capital of design. This initiative is supported by Barcelona City Council as well as several other institutions and private [...]

New commitments for accessibility

The well-known Spanish foundation ONCE and Parques Nacionales will work together in order to reduce architectural and communication barriers. / Funcación Lázaro Galdiano promotes disabled access to the arts. / Social networks don’t pass the test of e-accessibility. Foundation ONCE has been in the news during the last weeks because of its committed work of [...]

It has taken 24 centuries, but thanks to the work of archeologists, academics, historians and the arrival of the internet, the Dead Sea Scrolls are one click away for everyone around the world. Since 26 September, just before Jewish New Year, the collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been available online. This is thanks [...]

On  27 September, the Spanish National Centre for Technology Access (CENTAC) presented the document called ‘Guía sobre normalización en la Accesibilidad de las TIC’, a guide on accessibility standardization in ICT. The act took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Spain). The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information [...]

The Tourist Community of Andalusia (Comunidad Turística de Andalucía) has taken the initiative to publish a database of accessible hotels, those which are adapted to disable people. All tourists interested in the Spanish region will plan their trip easier from now on: the new initiative contributes to eliminate all barriers, including the informative ones. On [...]

La Muralla de Avila opened last Friday, September 16, an audio guide system created specifically for this monument and which is pioneer nationally. This is a new tourist information channel that combines sound and image to offer their content in an oral, written and in sign language, so it is offered as a perfect partner [...]

Triposo is the new concept of travel guides. It has the best of the Internet, its universality, and the best of personal notebooks. Jon Tirsen and Douwe Osinga, two ex-Googlers, are the creators of this new mobile travel guide, which doesn’t want to just throw out the old model, it wants to do exactly what [...]

This year, Solidarity Awards of Fundacion ONCE (in Castilla-La Mancha) have recognized the work of those who, through their efforts and commitment, contribute to building a more inclusive society. The Sephardic Museum is the first public museum that incorporated a touch tour, and this fact has deserved an award. In this century, a museum can [...]

Carmen Thyssen Museum (Malaga) opens its doors again to little adventurers wanting to explore new and old places through art and play. The name of the activity appeals to the imagination and creativity: `¡Un vistazo al Museo! Naturaleza inventada´ (‘A look at the museum! Nature invented ‘). The protagonist of the twenty-first century generation, which [...]

Can you imagine being able to see an old film superimposed on the place where it was filmed? An interesting project enables viewing footage of historical films superimposed on stage someday cotton recorded, through Google Street View. Currently the collection is not very large and is available in There and Then as a personal project of Keir Clarke, editor of Google Maps Mania. One interesting experience that gives ideas for academic work, allowing mixing passion for film with historical and geographical curiosity. On YouTube you can find many movies over 60 years, it is not difficult to find material [...]

Imagine being able to create your own turictic guide in three easy steps? It is now possible with Tripomatic.com, a site that helps plan our trips in a very simple and practical way. Just select your destination, find all the interesting things to do and, finally, download your free personalized guide. With interesting places to [...]

Since November 2009, Disneyland Resort guests with visual disabilities have had access to an audio description service available on Disney’s Handheld Device that describes visual elements of more than 20 attractions at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks – more fully immersing them into our attractions and storytelling. Today, we are pleased to announce that [...]

For the fourth consecutive year FAAM (Almeriense Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities) has filed Accessibility Guide to the beaches of the province. A resource that has been developed through the collaboration of twelve coastal municipalities, which have been present at the check points described in the guide accessible. These consistories also include in [...]

Just published a new release of NEW TREND MEDIA WATCH, published by the European Travel Commission on technological aspects and trends in consumption. Is a publication full of flashy headlines that try to certify that it is becoming more common use of new technologies for travel. Also, technological barriers anlizan facing trurística industry. Such as [...]