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The Persistence of Memories

Kirstin Broussard, a guide at the Museum of Modern Art, gathered a dozen senior citizens in front of Joan Mitchell’s exuberant 1957 painting Ladybug one recent afternoon to discuss the luscious blue, green, and orange slashes animating the large expanse of white canvas. “It’s chaotic,” observed one visitor. “But it’s beautiful chaos.” When Broussard wondered [...]

The head of the Civil Service Division for Google Spain, Esperanza Ibáñez, has taken firm steps to ensure that “the Net is within everyone’s reach”, whilst also insisting that Google “will continue to develop tools to cover all the needs of persons with disabilities”. Ibáñez announced this during her speech at the Second National CENTAC [...]

Despite the fact that screens of the well-known tablets are flat and have nothing that can create sensations in the fingers, they will no longer represent a handicap for those with a visual disability. Engineers from the United States have managed to take a step forward towards electronic accessibility. What is a Braille word processor [...]