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The National Museum of Roman Art in Merida, an institution under the Spanish Ministry of Culture, has new resources that improve the accessibility of persons with auditory impairment since December 2011. In this museum the visitor will find a wide range of communication devices specifically designed for persons with auditory impairment: sign language guides with [...]

A mass of persons crowd together around the Mona Lisa all day long. This is one of the most characteristic while at the same time infuriating scenes at the Louvre Museum. This appears in an article written by Michele Cantazaro for Diario Cordoba. This problem could be solved through technological means. The idea focuses on [...]

“There are a lot of persons with some impairment that do not travel. They do not lack time or wishes to travel, they fear being unable to find barrier-free destinations”, said the Balearic MEP Rosa Estaràs while explaining the current situation of accessible tourism. Estaràs exposed this shared vision as organizer of the forum “Tourism [...]

MuseumApp is a new product for museums capable of creating interactive indoor and outdoor tours and compatible with smartphones. MuseumApp consists of three parts: - Tours: photos, videos, sounds, texts, tasks and opinions are linked with several locations in the city and the different exhibition rooms of the museum. - Tourmaker, an online edition enviroment intended to create and [...]