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It has taken 24 centuries, but thanks to the work of archeologists, academics, historians and the arrival of the internet, the Dead Sea Scrolls are one click away for everyone around the world. Since 26 September, just before Jewish New Year, the collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been available online. This is thanks [...]

La Muralla de Avila opened last Friday, September 16, an audio guide system created specifically for this monument and which is pioneer nationally. This is a new tourist information channel that combines sound and image to offer their content in an oral, written and in sign language, so it is offered as a perfect partner [...]

Can you imagine being able to see an old film superimposed on the place where it was filmed? An interesting project enables viewing footage of historical films superimposed on stage someday cotton recorded, through Google Street View. Currently the collection is not very large and is available in There and Then as a personal project of Keir Clarke, editor of Google Maps Mania. One interesting experience that gives ideas for academic work, allowing mixing passion for film with historical and geographical curiosity. On YouTube you can find many movies over 60 years, it is not difficult to find material [...]

Just published a new release of NEW TREND MEDIA WATCH, published by the European Travel Commission on technological aspects and trends in consumption. Is a publication full of flashy headlines that try to certify that it is becoming more common use of new technologies for travel. Also, technological barriers anlizan facing trurística industry. Such as [...]

Museums up one of the cultural and leisure areas most visited, especially during tourist trips and vacations. They are also an increasing number of museums that offer a wide range of educational and cultural activities for all ages that need to be able to access all those hard of hearing, whether or not to use [...]

In the Reina Sofia Museum people with disabilities will be a special social group of reference in all their actions, as recorded by Bill regulating the Museum approved by the Congress of Deputies. The facilities and premises as well as channels and media, including virtual communication and interaction with the public and general programming and [...]

This Monday, July 11 starts the course “Museums and Women visivilidad where are the women?”. Training that will last until Friday July 15 and is part of the summer school program 2011 of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Run this course  Marián López Fernández Cao, Universidad Complutense and Enrique Varela Agüí , vice president of [...]

Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, Juan Junquera, and executive vice president of Fundación ONCE, Alberto Durán, opened on Monday June 27 in Madrid the Fourth International Congress of Design, Research Networks and Technology Everyone, “DRT4ALL”, a gathering whose challenge is to make new technologies a useful tool for everyone. In his speech, [...]

The public reuse of European cultural heritage has been cited in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. During two days 20 hackers have competed and cooperated at the same time in a contest, Hack4Europe, which aims to give greater visibility to the 18 million of available funds, three million of them with free licenses in Europeana. [...]

The Alhambra in Granada is now more accessible thanks to a new guide services in sign language to facilitate the visit to the hearing impaired. With this initiative, the Alhambra, one of the most visited monuments in our country, becomes the first in Spain to offer this free service. This  service works with a portable [...]

Cordoba became a virtual museum

From Wednesday June 1 until 4 June, the most emblematic squares and streets of Cordoba become a suggestive and original art gallery through the exhibition Córdoba Universal Museum, a pioneer experience in Spain that virtually recreates through projections eleven of the most important paintings of world history. Art and new technologies come together in this [...]

Antoni Tapies Foundation hosts on Thursday May 12 the seminar “Digitalisation and access toculture in the information society: questions and legal challenges”, which aims to provide a framework for reflection and discussion about intellectual property rights and their impact in promoting access to culture.   With the participation of workers from different sectors of the [...]

Master in Museums that is taught on the campus of Huesca organized a seminar on accessibility in museums and other places of disclosure of assets, which was held on 26 and 27 April. The seminar, included in the teaching program of this postgraduate degree from the University of Zaragoza, will be open to the public, [...]

The City of Plasencia (Cáceres) has opened the first Museum Typhlological of Extremadura, a space that, in addition to educational and artistic goal, aims to facilitate access to culture and heritage to all people, regardless of their sensory, especially to the visually impaired. This museum, located at the Centro Cultural Las Claras, enables blind people [...]

The art pieces are so delicate that a slight impact or shock during transport the can deteriorate badly. Therefore, their custody, care and ensure their protection has emerged as one of the increasingly essential tasks for Basque galleries. EUN Basque company has revolutionized the care of the paintings in museums to develop a pioneering system [...]

Lleida University (UDL) opened on Tuesday April 12 a new Art Center Modern Age (CMEA), located in the Agri-Food Science and Technology Park of Lleida, featuring art and devoted to the analysis of the artistic heritage of late medieval and modern periods. As reported by the UDL, the “CSI” of art is directed by Professor [...]

Málaga expands accessible tourism

People with hearing and visual dissabilities  will have guidebooks which are interpreted to the sign language and subtitled. A touch plane located at Marina Square will be the starting point of the five accessible tourist routes. These routes can be downloaded by QR integrated technology at the touch as well as from the web [...]

Zaragoza University organized a seminar on access to museums and heritage spaces, the 26th and 27th April, in Huesca. Under the headline, “Look! Accessibility for all audiences “, the Masters in Museums of the University of Zaragoza, organized a conference in which they provide clues to bring the contents of the museums and all public [...]

Throughout history, art and technology have gone hand in hand. In fact, the classical Greeks used the same term to refer to both the artistic and the technological. Through a call for university staff and students, the University Carlos III of Madrid has agreed to support a small cultural project which aims to create adequate [...]

Hearing Augmented reality by Lizondo

Can you imagine being able to walk through the center of Madrid while accompanying through your mobile device the recorded voice of Pedro Almodovar’s explaining his favorite bars commemorating the Madrid scene? Miguel Lizondo has not only imagined that but was also is convinced that something like that could pick anyone, locals and tourists. So [...]

“Impulsados” project, promoted by the region of the Jacetania and French Aspe valley, has launched the website, a new web which aspires to become a resource for tourists planning to visit the territory and the inhabitants. The launch of this portal is one of the biggest bets of promoting this project that promotes the [...]

IAAC Pablo Serrano Museum hosted this Tuesday, April 5, 2011, at 19:00 pm a guided tour to bloggers / twitterers and members of the virtual community in Aragon. The museum opened its doors last March after an expansion designed by architect José Manuel Pérez Latorre. The idea of organizing this cultural visit is due to [...]

Social networks in museums and art centers focus the expert meeting held on Friday 1 April at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC) located in Leon. Social networking has brought a revolution in relationships, something that managers are aware of the museums and art centers, they see this tool as an [...]

The Culture Minister in Andalusia, Paulino Plata, presented the Conservation work at the ‘Tumba de las Guirnaldas’  in Carmona (Sevilla), a performance that will allow visitors to walk with 3D glasses inside the burial without descend into the underground chambers. This project has solved the paradox of showing the public a space that, for structural [...]

Adolfo Suárez and Transition Museum in Cebreros (Ávila) offers on its new website “a close-historic times all over the world through the use of new technologies, ” according to museum sources have reported. The institution stressed that since its opening, the museum has been characterized as dynamic, full of activities and continued growth, a goal [...]